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Museum Taman Prasasti Jakarta in 35mm

It was a sudden decision to drive my car from downtown Jakarta to Museum Taman Prasasti in Tanah Abang area, Central Jakarta. Maybe it is a part of our interest to visit the cemetery or graveyard. That time I only took Pentax Espio 145 M Super, a pocket or point and shoot 35mm film camera, with Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 film inside.

espio 145 m super lomography 400

Pentax Espio 145 M Super with Lomography Color Negative ISO 400

Recently I mostly used this Pentax Espio 145 M Super as my main point and shoot camera. It is very light even its shaped like mini loaf. Since the camera featured with the zoom technology, I always use the most wide focal length of the lens to get the sharpest image.

museum taman prasasti 35mm 2

Museum Taman Prasasti, you can say it Museum of Memorial Stone Park, is formerly a cemetery during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. People who finally rested there are mostly from the noble Dutch family in that era. One of an Indonesian that buried there Soe Hok Gie.

museum taman prasasti 35mm 4museum taman prasasti 35mm 5

Anyway, as it is a graveyard from the Dutch colonial era, there are so many gravestone with the touch of European culture, such as big gravestones, the statues of angels or the statues of Jesus. They are all surrounded by the trees and made it looks more like a park than a graveyard or a museum.

museum taman prasasti 35mm 1museum taman prasasti 35mm 8

I love the photographs I took at the museum using Pentax Espio 145 M Super with Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 film. As we came there around 3p.m., I think we got the best lighting effect from the sun and the surrounded tree.

museum taman prasasti 35mm 6

I feel some magical touch on some photographs. This film gave a bit greyish tone to them. I can see it at the photographs with the old statue of angel or Jesus. Meanwhile, that tone made the light of the sun touching the ground  becomes not too orange or golden. Glad to have Indah to be an accidental model to this visit to Museum Taman Prasasti.

museum taman prasasti 35mm 9



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