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About Sunrise

Seems that this post is not the first story related to sunrise. Why did I experience and write more sunrise rather than sunset?

sunrise borobudur edededancom

Waiting for sunrise with Sky Map

Waking up earlier, facing the darker surroundings with minimum light and sometimes freezing because of the early morning weather are the conditions I would find before I see the sunrise.

For some people, it might not be special things. But I always take sunrise as my personal preference to enjoy the day, especially when I am not in Jakarta.

I can say that I continuously redefining sunrise moment from time to time. I have always tried to catch it in the hours of silence, tried to fight the sleepiness and the the heavy eyelids, and wait the sun rising with other humans. But unexpectedly, not all those effort gave the colorful sunrise with beautiful backdrop.

Sunrise at Borobudur Temple

From the latest trip to Yogyakarta, Indah and I made a visit Borobudur temple for sunrise. It can be an oddball for the local visitors like us. The entrance ticket is more expensive comparing to the common visit that began at 06.00 a.m.. Yet, we finally did it.

What we saw that morning was not the sunrise I saw from the same sunrise visit years ago, where the sun came slowly from the dark.

The view we saw was very cloudy. It was January, where in Indonesia it is in the middle of the rainy season.

No Sunrise! (Foto by Indah)

Time Travel

And finally, we can’t see the sunrise from the temple.

The foggy surroundings that morning.

Yet, at the other side, we found something else attracted us besides the sun. It was the statues that telling us the story about what happened in the past. Some of those statues has been covered in moss.


The ‘headless’ statue with the most light during our visit.

“Stay there, move slowly, and we will travel the time!” I told Indah and she directly understood what is going to be happened in the next few seconds.

So we traveled the time after we got a bit disappointed by the sunrise, to see other combination of colors, form and others that can please us beyond the sunrise itself.

I wish I could really do time travel so I can be acknowledged by everything I want to know from those statues, beyond everything I can get from internet.

statues at borobudur temple edededan

Wondering what story the statues actually try to tell to us. (Photo by Indah)

Because seeing beautiful things to start the day is one of the magic mantras to believe we are going to pass the day and be ready to the days ahead.


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