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Fujica SLR x Agfa Vista Plus 200 at Ria Rio Reservoir Park

Ria Rio – happiness from the water.

That is just my personal perception while looking for the meaning of Ria Rio reservoir’s name. ‘Ria’ in Indonesian language literally means ‘being happy’ or ‘happiness’, while you can always relate ‘rio’ to the river or water. Ria Rio as the happiness from or near the water.

edededan fujica agfa vista 200 5

The Baobab tree is the very first thing attracted me to visit the park. The lawn under the tree, where I put my picnic blanket and my folding chair, is the place that Indah and I can stay sitting a bit longer than other places in the Capital. And of course, other people who looked very happy visiting the park, sitting, having chit chat and laughing around us.

edededan fujica agfa vista 200 1

edededan fujica agfa vista 200 6edededan fujica agfa vista 200 7

As having a good park in Jakarta is always be my wish, I always build my own criterias of the good park. It is not only the park that I can get fresher air or friendly surroundings, but also the place I can have the wider and colorful sight.

Yes, the lawn, the reservoir and the higher buildings from far are the favorite sights I saw from under the Baobab tree.

edededan fujica agfa vista 200 4edededan fujica agfa vista 200 3

That is all the photos from Ria Rio Reservoir Park taken with an analog SLR camera.

Fujica MPF105XN and Agfa Vista Plus 200

I am lucky enough having the opportunity to use a SLR camera from Fujica. It is Fujica MPF105XN, which from somewhere in the internet I know it was also popular in Europe and the US as Fujica STX-1N.

edededan fujica x agfa 200

Fujica MPF105XN

I took this Fujica MPF105XN, that Indah lent to me, with the everyone’s darling film the Agfa Vista Plus 200 inside while we visited Ria Rio reservoir.

This Fujica SLR is lighter than other SLR cameras I have tried. The x-mount lens gave sharp images even though I got miss-focused ones. The camera has less shutter speed than other SLR cameras, only from 2 to 700 with the Bulb. It is enough to be used as my daily camera.

edededan fujica agfa vista 200 2

The warm tone of Agfa Vista Plus 200

Meanwhile, the Agfa Vista Plus 200! Who does not love this film? It is the perfect roll you can use to shoot human and the nature, like the reservoir, the Baobab tree and the lawn. It gives the warm tone in the perfect point of saturation and contrast.

*This film is developed and scanned by Soup ‘N Film.


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