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An artsy getaway at Hotel Tugu Lombok

The three Gili Islands on the northern side of Lombok may be more popular, but there is actually much more to explore in Lombok. If you are looking for a more quiet, intimate vacation with the added bonus of fantastic collections of artwork rich in interesting history, you can find it easily at Hotel Tugu Lombok.

So, instead of  visiting some popular beaches in South Lombok area, we spent another two nights at Hotel Tugu Lombok after our stayed at Gili Meno island.

The hotel is situated at Sire Beach line on the northwest of the island. The beach is another gem of the island that boasts a white sandy beach and calm ocean.

edededan Tugu Lombok 3

Sire beach of Northwest Lombok.

Taking a two-hour drive from Lombok International Airport in Praya, the capital city of Central Lombok, the hotel is unique since it is decorated by numerous antiques.

edededan Tugu Lombok 12

A warm and artsy welcome at the hotel’s lobby.

Hotel Tugu Lombok offers an attractive island life as well as an artsy getaway…

You can see so  many remarkable carvings with intricate details, from the grinning God of Vishnu statue under a large tree near the main swimming pool to the hotel’s Hening Swarga Spa which is designed to resemble a temple in the Majapahit era, a glorious kingdom that ruled the archipelago some centuries ago.

edededan Tugu Lombok 8 - hening swarga spa

The most attractive building at Hotel Tugu Lombok: Hening Swarga Spa


Art, Soul and Romance of Indonesia

Just like other Tugu brand’s properties, Hotel Tugu Lombok is set with an artistic design that presents the art and soul as well as the romantic side of Indonesia, particularly the art of life in Lombok. It is quintessential of the brand. So, I can say that the hotel is more than just a place to stay as hundreds of artworks are showcased in almost every part of the hotel.

We stayed at Bhagavat Gita Oceanfront Suites. Here are some photos I took from our suite.

At Tugu Hotel Lombok, Indonesian heritage is not just displayed as art, but is also presented in the name of the rooms. If you have any chance you may see them at the hotel’s bungallows, villas and suites for guests. With their unique names, each room has its own unique characteristics that are in line with the name and the theme of the room.

edededan Tugu Lombok 6

A picturesque private pool at one of the villas.

Spectacular Dining Options

The hotel pampers guests to indulge in delectable dishes wherever their heart leads, including at the white sandy Sire Beach whilst enjoying breezy wind and the ocean view.

edededan Tugu Lombok 2

Having afternoon snacks with my favorite coffee by the trident-shaped swimming pool.

A number of dining venues are also available within the hotel area. The Bale Kokok Pletok restaurant is the main dining place with a trident-shaped pool and a 10-meter tall God of Vishnu statue by the pool as well as an undisturbed view of the beach.

edededan Tugu Lombok 16

Enter 10-meter tall God of Vishnu statue.

In the morning, the view of Mount Rinjani adds a romantic touch to your breakfast. Even better, you can ask the hotel to arrange a unique breakfast on a traditional wooden dragon-head boat called Naga Mesem and enjoy a breathtaking sunrise view over Mount Rinjani.

edededan Tugu Lombok 1

Breakfast with Mount Rinjani view at Naga Mesem boat.

I mean, there is no better way to start your day in Lombok than cruising the sea while relishing delectable dishes as the sun rises from behind the majestic mountain. And if you’re lucky, you may also get a glimpse of Bali’s Mount Agung from the boat on your way back to the hotel.

Get out and explore North Lombok

Staying at Hotel Tugu Lombok gives you the chance to explore more of the northern side of the island. For instance, as you walk along the beach in front of the hotel, you can see both Mount Agung in Bali and Mount Rinjani in Lombok when the sky is clear – and this view may intrigue you to discover the higher land of Lombok and its natural wonders, instead of going beach-hopping.


edededan Tugu Lombok 11

Tiu Kelep waterfall in Northern Lombok.

If you want to be adventurous, visit the waterfalls nestled on the mountain foot. The Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls can be easily reached with a one hour-drive from the hotel followed by one-hour of light trekking. You can also ask the hotel to help you discover other gems, such as strolling around the traditional Segentar Village and Senaru Village.

But if you just want to stay at the hotel, don’t worry because there are so many interesting activities you can do. You can join a cooking class or a yoga and meditation session, or get pampered with a massage treatment at the open-air temple spa room at the Hening Swarga Spa.

edededan Tugu Lombok 5 - hening swarga spa

Just pampering yourself at Hening Swarga Spa.



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  1. Emenina
    July 26, 2018

    Thanks for the good review..jadi menambah ide buat liburan..pengen banget ngerasain sarapan dengan view sebagus itu dan memanjakan diri di spa dengan ruangan yang cantik😊


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