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The New Face of Kalijodo on 35mm

Kalijodo in the northern side of Jakarta was not only a red-light district area, but also a dense slum. People used to say that wives would always worry if they knew their husbands were around Kalijodo because of the negative stereotype of the area.

However, on my recent visit to Kalijodo, I found so many changes after a big transformation that was done by the end of 2016. Covering 5,489 square meters of land, Kalijodo has turned into one of the family-friendly integrated public spaces in Jakarta.

The area now has become a big open space with some tracks and obstacles for skateboard, rollerblade or BMX bicycle enthusiasts. I met the children and teenage skateboarders shared some tips and tricks as well as show off their skills at the area.

Some beginners tried to move their boards on the flat area or glide at the diagonal ramps or the quarter-pipe obstacles, while the experienced riders tried the more difficult obstacles, such as the half-pipe or even the bowl obstacles.

Aside from skateboarders, the park is also full of BMX bikers and the roller-blade enthusiasts trying to enhance their skills.

This blog post is actually a review to my analog cameras using two different 35mm films. I took my Nikomat FT with the black and white negative film Rollei RPX 400 inside, and also the rangefinder camera Olympus 35RC with Kodak Color Plus 200 inside.

Nikomat FTN and Rollei RPX 400

I got this old buddy from my aunt back in 2008. This SLR camera becomes my favorite analog camera while I combined it with my Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens.

I used Rollei RPX 400 because it was one of the cheapest black and white negative films I can found in Jakarta earlier in 2017. It costed only IDR65,000 (less than USD5) for one roll. Turns out, the I got love at the first developed photos I took with this film.

I like the contrast and the black and white tone of it. As I used and asked the lab to processed it on ISO 400, it gives me the best classical look. Really love it!


Olympus 35RC with and Kodak Color Plus 200 inside

My two cheapest combination in one package!

I bought Olympus 3RC at Pasar Baru flea market in Central Jakarta with a very good price. The best thing I like from the camera is its pocket-size. How can I not a rangefinder camera that I can keep on my pocket along the day?

I always love Kodak Color Plus 200’s tone. Seems like it never tried too hard to push the color and tone to be loved by my eyes. Soft but sharp. That is how I can describe the tone.

I took the photos during the sunset time in Kalijodo with these two. It is definitely gave me the best experience of using them together.

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  1. Prawita Indah
    September 25, 2017



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