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From 2017 Balinese Nyepi Day

Do the stargazing and astrophotography.

Those are the words I always said whenever people asked me what we can do during Nyepi or the Balinese seclusion day in Bali. But I did not spend long time for stargazing and take the photographs this year.

I still remember my first time experiencing Nyepi, 2 years ago. It taught me some lessons; not only spending the whole day at home without the lights and fire, but also to also love the island and the people by taking part in the Balinese culture and religion event even thought it is a small part by doing like the locals, refraining the worldly business for one day.

For me personally, Nyepi is a special day when I can really enjoy the view around the beaches, from the Legian beach to Kuta beach in Kuta area, from Sanur beach to Padang Galak in Sanur area, even further around the beaches in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, and Uluwatu.

This year’s Nyepi fell on last March 28th. As it is the biggest Balinese Hindu ceremony and just like two years ago, I spent my Nyepi day at a hotel. I spent my three days Nyepi stay at Padma Resort Ubud.

In this year’s Nyepi, I expected to get some astrophotos during my stay, especially the location of hotel was really secluded from the touristy part of Bali, yet I was too sleepy and failed to take the photos.

Instead, I joined another Balinese Hindu rituals one night before Nyepi. It is Pengrupukan or also known as the Ogoh-ogoh parade.

So, the Pengurupukan ritual we joined was at Puhu village, the closest village to our hotel. The paper-made statue Ogoh-ogoh came, carried by the local youth from Puhu village, to the front yard of Padma Resort Ubud.

edededan 1 DSC03426

Ogoh-ogoh at Padma Resort Ubud

Following the one at the hotel, we went to the village and see more Ogoh-ogoh in various shape. They symbolized the bad spirit or the demons.

People of Puhu village paraded Ogoh-ogoh along the public roads on that night before Nyepi. A group of traditional Balinese music followed the statues and made the emotional effect to the parade.

edededan 5 DSC03525edededan 6 DSC03543

At the other side, the girls brought their own torches to light up the night.

edededan 8 DSC03495edededan 9 DSC03480

I joined the parade and found myself enjoyed it. Indeed, it was a photogenic event, so I took hundreds photos from the rituals.

Here they are!

edededan 2 DSC03451edededan 3 DSC03550edededan 4 DSC03558

edededan 10 DSC03531

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