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Revisiting Tegal Wangi beach in Bali with 35mm film

Have I told you that Tegal Wangi beach of Jimbaran is my most favorite beach in Bali?

I always astonished by Tegal Wangi and its surroundings. The white sands, golden texture of the cliffs covered by the thick vines and the best part it, the sunset. I can feel connected to them and become easily happy.

On my last visit to Tegal Wangi last March, I took one of my favorite analog cameras with me. Visiting back the beach I really love somehow made me feel odd, especially when capturing some photos over there.

00480027 ed.JPG

Me and Olympus mju-ii at Tegal Wangi beach (Photo by Prawita Indah using Fujica M1 & Kodak Gold 200)

You can say it can be difficult as I have to find other angle, point of view, or whatsoever to make my photographs different than the hundred times I shoot before. Actually, I don’t give a damn on it. Just point and shoot, point and shoot, point and shoot, always repeat.

Taking an analog camera to the beach

The camera I took with me was the Olympus mju ii analog camera. Some people said it is the ultimate point and shoot film camera. Indeed, for me this camera is really helpful as i only need a little practice to get used to its focusing mechanism. At the other side the 35mm with f2.8 max aperture lens for me is one of the best that a compact camera can give. And the best thing I love from this camera is it is smaller and easier to hold than my phone.

I used the camera with Kodak Gold 200 film. For me it was not the best film to take to the beach or for panoramic photograph. I don’t really like the tone his goldie gave to the sky, the leaves or tree, even to the beach sands. Fortunately, I had Indah with me. Her human skin tone combines with those natural things fixed all my dissatisfaction.

So here they are! Some photos from Tegal Wangi beach captured by my compact Olympus mju-ii camera with Kodak Gold 200 film inside.


edededan tw 1

That day before sunset I’d never forget.

edededan tw 6

edededan tw 2

Hey blue sky, do you feel greener like the leaves now? Let your feet touch the sand, maybe you can feel your skin.

edededan tw 3edededan tw 5

edededan tw 4

Never felt this (g)old. Never felt this bold.


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