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5 Free Things to Do in Bali

Bali is home to plenty of excitement for all ages. Fortunately, it includes free entertainment as well.
Here are some of the things that you can expect to enjoy for free on the island.

Please do consider to do these things to maximize your fun days in Bali with minimum budget!

1. Beach hopping

This one is my most favorite free thing in Bali!! I can do it for three times a week!

tegalwangi beach bali

Blessed with plenty of beautiful beaches, Bali is a must-visit for beach hopping and sun tanning.

Most beaches in Bali situated close to each other. If you don’t know where to start first, head to the Uluwatu and Jimbaran areas, which are situated close to each other. Balangan Beach and Green Bowl Beach in Ungasan, Tegal Wangi Beach in Jimbaran, Suluban Beach, also known as Blue Point Beach, and Padang Padang Beach, which is very popular thanks to the Eat Pray Love movie, are just some of the spots that you should definitely visit either to simply play around on the sand or to go surfing. Moreover, the most popular beaches in Southern Bali: Kuta beach, Legian beach and Seminyak beach area a line of beaches you could consider to.

blue point beach bali

Move to eastern side of Bali, Karangasem is a great destination to enjoy this particular activity; Bias Tugal Beach, Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach) and Blue Lagoon are in close proximity to each other.

Just don’t forget to bring your own beach blanket or towel to sit on so you can enjoy some quality time there without having to rent a seat.

2. Sunrise and sunset hunting

There are so many great places to choose between to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets on the island that you might get confused. Most of them are on the beaches.

Sanur and Nusa Dua are some of the most popular places to enjoy the sunrise, while Kuta, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Jimbaran are particularly recommended for sunset viewing.

balangan beach sunset bali

There are also free-entry spots in Bali where you enjoy both activities; Mertasari Beach in Sanur, for example, offers a breathtaking golden sunrise in the morning, as well as an amazing sunset in the evening.

sunrise mertasari beach sanur bali sunset mertasari beach sanur bali

Campuhan Ridge in Ubud, other than being a popular place for walking and running, also has a picturesque view of sunrises and sunsets. Opt to enter the place from the Gunung Lebah Temple to be greeted by the temple’s gorgeous vista in addition to the panoramic hills between two rivers.

3. Have fun at festivals

Mostly held from mid-year until the end of the year, festivals in Bali are one-stop places to enjoy local cultures, traditional cuisines and the island’s natural beauty.

Kite festival in bali

Though some festivals will charge you an entrance fee, there are also many that allow free entry to the public, such as the Sanur Festival, the Nusa Dua Fiesta, the Denpasar Festival or the Kite Festival in Sanur beaches (Padang Galak or Mertasari beach)kite festival bali

While dancing away and enjoying the live performances at these free-entry festivals, don’t miss out on trying local cuisine at the available food stalls as well.

4. Join Balinese Hindu ceremonies

Visiting the island during the Balinese Hindu ceremonial events is an opportunity that you should not miss, especially if you love to explore local cultures.

The Balinese Hindu rituals and ceremonies can be easily found throughout the Banjar area. Some of the most regularly observed rituals are Odalan, which is generally held to celebrate a temple’s anniversary, and Ngaben, or cremation. Meanwhile, you should also visit Bali during Galungan, Kuningan and Nyepi, which are also national holidays.

ngaben bali

ogoh ogoh bali

To easily blend in with the local crowd during these ceremonies, consider wearing traditional Balinese clothes, such as kebaya and a sarong called the kamen for female and a white shirt with a kamen and a headband called the udeng for males.

5. Visit art and literature centers

Bentara Budaya Bali at Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra 88A in Denpasar and the Bali Art Center on Jl. Nusa Indah in Abian Kapas, Denpasar, are some of the places on the island that regularly hold art exhibitions and performances for free.
You can expect to enjoy traditional dances, singing performances, craft exhibitions and international movie festivals being held there.

free things bali to do Bali

Several art centers, such as the Biasa Art Space in Seminyak, regularly hold free-entry contemporary art exhibitions as well for their visitors.

As for literature centers, head to Taman Baca Kesiman on Jl. Sedap Malam, Kesiman, Denpasar. This library offers thousands of examples of reading materials of various genres; expect to find unpopular or even controversial books here. Although you can’t take the books home with you, you can conveniently read them for free on the spot.


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