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Hit the Legendary Red Light District Dolly Alley

If Amsterdam has the phenomenal red light district area, Bangkok has Patpong and Singapore has Geylang, Surabaya-the second biggest city in Indonesia-has Dolly Alley.


See and choose your lady

I went to Surabaya last March. It was an office assignment to make an in-depth reportage about the legendary red light district area in Surabaya, the Gang Dolly (Dolly alley).

Well actually, for some people Dolly Alley may not a tourism object. People will choose culinary or historical tour in Surabaya. But for you who want to try another unforgettable experience, I can say that hit the Dolly Alley can be one of your options.

Dolly Alley is a prostitution complex in Putat Jaya Sub-district, Surabaya. Dolly was a name of a Dutch lady that offered the service at the area for the first time. She was a coffee seller earlier before she offered the prostitution service. But as the area developed, there always be a space for the prostitution spread.

Finally, this area has a legendary name as the biggest red light district in Indonesia that made it a contrast to the assumption of Indonesia as a religious state.


Night view in Dolly Alley

I can feel the ambience of never ending party in Dolly Alley from day until night. Many houses have been transformed into a showcase with the large glass windows. The beat of dangdut music always sounded along the alley besides some staff of the houses offering service to every man whom passing through the alley.

“Please come, maybe you want to see (the ladies) first,” one of the house’s staff said to a man who ride a motorcycle.

Some men might say no but others might park their vehicle and follow the staff. The staffs will tell their customer how much the short term service cost. The most famous house is New Barbara which cost Rp 250,000 (US$25) for a short term service. It is the most expensive price in Dolly area as I know, maybe because it has more comfortable rooms inside their red five-story building.


This is how the house’s staff attracts the visitors in Dolly

Every customer or everyone who passed the alley will see the ladies behind the glass windows like the display things and pick one of them. Don’t worry about the ladies, they are all beautiful and sexy with their own hair style and skin color. From some conversations with the ladies, they are always using condom for the healthy reason.

Another unique thing in Dolly Alley is you can see some amorous sign along the area. Even the parking lots have amorous name like Parkir Cinta (Love Parking). You can park your car or motorcycle while your enjoy your time in Dolly Alley.

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